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fitness Classes for Neurodiverse Students

Fitness Classes for Neurodiverse Students

Fitness Classes for Neurodiverse Students are very important. It’s not easy being a parent of a neurodiverse or physically challenged child. At Beach Cowboy Fitness, we understand the importance of Fitness Classes for Neurodiverse Students. Fitness classes tailored to neurodiverse students can contribute to their holistic development, encompassing physical, emotional, social, and cognitive aspects of well-being. These classes provide a safe and inclusive space where neurodiverse individuals can thrive, grow, and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Cynthia Lett, Fitness Classes for Neurodiverse Students
Cynthia Lett

Our owner, Cynthia Lett, is a mom of a child with learning differences and challenges and spent years involved in such outstanding organizations as Katherine Thomas School, Autism Speaks, and the ARC of Montgomery County, MD. In Charleston, she has been involved with Beyond Basic Life Skills, the Lowcountry Autism Foundation, and the Five Fish Foundation.

cameron let provides Fitness Classes for Neurodiverse Students
Cameron Lett

Our lead coach, Cameron, understands learning differences. He successfully overcame them to achieve such distinctions as earning his Eagle Scout badge and a black belt in Karate, not to mention all his coaching certifications!

In the Metro Charleston area, there are not many regularly scheduled exercise options for children and young adults with autism, Downs Syndrome, and other cognitive and physical challenges.

How to Join Fitness Classes for Neurodiverse Students

At Beach Cowboy Fitness Foundation, we offer daily fitness Classes for Neurodiverse Students that are both inclusive and adaptive. In addition to certifications in youth fitness, our staff has experience coaching those with special needs. Students in our programs experience increased social skills, gain greater flexibility and strength, and are best positioned to lose weight if desired.

Parents tell us that having their child consistently participate in our gym classes reduces repetitive behaviors and increases coping skills. This leads to more successful transitions. Mastering the games and activities that are a part of our gym classes enhances confidence and self-esteem in our students.

Don’t you want that (and more) for your neurodiverse or physically-challenged child?

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