Fitness For Special Needs Kids And Adults


Cynthia Lett, Fitness Classes for Neurodiverse Students

Cynthia Lett

Executive Director

After a 38 year career as a respected international maven of proper etiquette and international protocol, founder and Executive Director of the International Society of Protocol & Etiquette Professionals and author of That’s So Annoying! – An Etiquette Expert’s Take On The World’s Most Irritating Habits And What To Do About Them (2009) and many more books, Cynthia Lett pivoted to starting Beach Cowboy Fitness with her son Cameron in order for him to pursue his dream of encouraging young people with special needs to enjoy fitness and movement.

Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott


Lisa Scott is a semi-retired nonprofit executive who currently works with select organizations. With over 25 years of experience in the nonprofit healthcare arena, Ms. Scott is passionate about helping other nonprofit organizations to discover their underutilized and hidden strengths to maximize their community engagement and meet and exceed their strategic objectives. She currently resides in Mt. Pleasant, SC with her husband and two rescue dogs, a Border Collie and Labrador/Great Dane mix, and is the mother of two grown sons.

John Breheny ​

John Breheny


John Breheny is on a mission to build a place that gets kids off the couch, out of the streets and into a safe place to play. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both his financial, engineering and sports background. Mr. Breheny has umpired lacrosse for the past 20 years and is the President Emeritus of the Potomac Chapter of US Lacrosse.

Toni Boucher​

Toni Boucher

Board Member

Toni Boucher started working with individuals on the autism spectrum over 30 years ago as a foster care and emergency respite provider after graduating with her BSW. She was the director of a residential and day service program for adults before becoming the director of the CARE Clinic where she provided autism evaluations and determined eligibility for The South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs- Autism Division, she discovered the need for further research and information about females on the spectrum. Her book Autism Translated is the result of the wisdom and insights her clients have shared with her throughout these years.Today Toni is a speaker, writer and consultant. She runs numerous social groups and programs for teens and adults on the spectrum.

Lisa Leask​

Lisa Leask

Board Member

Lisa is a former US Naval Officer and the co-founder of several successful businesses in the Charleston, SC, area. She is also a mother to three daughters, one of whom has special needs. Lisa’s oldest daughter was diagnosed at age three in 1998 with autism and, at that time, Lisa was told to love her daughter as long as she could before her daughter would have to be put in an institution. That was not an acceptable answer for Lisa and her family, and they have fought for opportunities not only for their daughter, but for other exceptional individuals with special needs ever since. With that in mind, in 2019 Lisa founded Five Fish Foundation, a non-profit that awards scholarships to families with individuals with an intellectual disability for therapeutic services, programs, and products that insurance doesn’t cover and that they may otherwise not receive.