Fitness For Special Needs Kids And Adults


– We serve kids and adults from age five and up. Our morning classes are for ages 5-8. Our afternoon classes are for ages 9 and older. Saturday classes are for all ages five and older.

– So, where does the name come from?

Co-founder Cameron strongly identifies as a “beach cowboy,” like country superstar Kenny Chesney. The cowboy philosophy of life includes living each day with courage, doing what you say you’re going to do, and never giving up. As the beach is Cameron’s happy place combined with his love of the West with its horses and rodeos, it made perfect sense for them to combine his two passions into the name of their studio. Plus, people say “Beach Cowboy” is a really easy and fun name to remember!

– We do! Both our coaches offer private sessions for 45 minutes each. You can register for them on

– We have a security system which monitors all activity in the studio. We also lock our doors while classes are going on so that wanderers cannot open the doors and leave and unexpected guests cannot wander in which we are teaching. Additionally, our coaches are vetted and multi certified in CPR/AED/First Aid and safe training practices.

-YES! Studio rental is another way we add to our scholarship fund.

– It is one of the most sensory friendly places you will come across. We have nothing but wide open space, simple equipment that is all portable.

– Of course! While everyone must have a signed Waiver and pay a class fee, we welcome siblings to attend.

– We prefer that parents not stay in the studio because their kids tend to pay more attention to whether they are watching them and they don’t pay as much attention to our coaches. If a child or adult is in a wheelchair or is severely disabled, we make a exception to our rule.

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