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Fitness For Special Needs Kids And Adults

Welcome To Beach Cowboy Fitness Foundation

Adaptive & inclusive Fitness  in Charleston, SC

Beach Cowboy Fitness Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public charity that provides sponsorships for special needs children and adults to attend our fitness programs at no charge. There are many inherent challenges to having a family member with Autism, Downs Syndrome, or other neurodiverse or physical challenges.

One of the most significant obstacles in the Charleston region is finding an affordable and inclusive fitness program focused on those with special needs in Charleston. The Beach Cowboy Fitness Foundation was created to fill that void.

Through the support of our donors, we offer scholarships to families so they can send their loved ones to any of our adaptive fitness classes for free.

Our Special Needs fitness programs in Charleston area can bring life- changing results into a special needs child’s or adult’s life.

Our students gain greater flexibility and strength, experience increased social skills and confidence, and are best positioned to lose weight if desired. Families find a supportive community where they can get a break from the pressures of caretaking while knowing their loved one is becoming more physically fit.

Want to support special  needs families? Your donation to our mission can make all the difference in the lives of many families in the Charleston Tri-County area.